Isagenix Business Training Events

Isagenix has several types of events that happen throughout the year:


IsaU is your opportunity to experience the culture of Isagenix in a city near you. This casual event will provide you the opportunity to learn about our no-compromise products, develop skills as a professional network marketer, and acquire industry-leading business-building strategies. Often described as Isagenix 101, IsaU top leaders and corporate trainers will motivate and inspire you to reach your goals.


UIA is an intense personal development workshop where you will establish the mindset and skills to become a professional network marketer. Become a leader in the industry with hands-on training to tear down self-doubt and build confidence! Learn how to connect authentically, lead a more fulfilling life, and build a successful team. This is your opportunity for one-on-one training with the masters!


Kick-start your business by attending NYKO. Strategically timed halfway between IsaU and Global Celebration, this two-day conference event will provide you with a complete World of Isagenix experience. Be among the first to witness the unveiling of new products, gain insightful business knowledge from top leaders, train for the IsaLife, Success Plan, and more.


Global Celebration is a can’t-miss experience packed with product releases, training, Science Talks, Leadership Meetings, parties, and more. Immerse yourself in Isagenix culture, learn from top leaders, experience new products and promotions, and propel your business to incredible heights. Build your belief, your team, and your business at Global Celebration!


Associate run events are a great opportunity to experience an Isagenix event in a shorter, more convenient format. Attending a local Isagenix Opportunity Meeting or a Super Saturday event would be a great start.

Check the official Isagenix calendar to find the next event to attend. Select your country to search for the closest location.

If you did not send in your Isagenix Business Builder Application yet you can request the application form here.